Application of macro controllor(PLC) in factory plastic injection molding machine

With the continuous development of injection molding machine control, the old small and medium-sized injection molding machine electrical control system is mostly used relay control, the line is complex, high failure rate, maintenance trouble, make the production efficiency is low.  
Injection molding machine control using programmable logic controller (PLC), which has high reliability, easy programming, strong anti-interference ability, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, injection molding machine based on PLC control system of the whole process is mainly by hydraulic system and PLC with the application, make the machine actuators (motors, valves, etc.), according to a certain order to complete the process.



1.The process flow chart:


2.Injection molding machine control system design of the overall program
The control device the system adopts with analog quantity and digital quantity input of Taiwan's giant control PLC controller A-5189 is the basic control unit. The drive circuit control part of the injection molding machine by the I/O acquisition module, PLC controller and hydraulic proportional valve, valve. We will write a good program written in PLC, PLC will be interpreted by the program. The use of I / O module can collect 16 digital signal models of A-1051 which uses circular scanning mode of injection molding machine signal acquisition and input to the PLC controller controller then in accordance with the procedures for the preparation of data processing required output state to make a corresponding control instructions.


PLC due to its high standards, high reliability, intelligent module, its application in injection molding machine will become more and more deeply. Not only is the injection mold, injection table move forward and backward control procedures, and temperature control, pre plastic measurement process for the closed-loop control can say is promising in the application of PLC in the injection molding machine. The network communication function of PLC is the powerful guarantee for the PLC to become the three pillar of industrial automation, high speed network connection, which can meet the need of exchange information of each control system in industrial automation. And Taiwan giant control of PLC products because of its high cost, wide application and easy to use the advantages of rapid occupation of industrial automation market.