10/100M industry Ethernet optical transceiver
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Product Overview

10/100M industry optical fiber Ethernet transceiver according to the transmission distance of the five types of wire and cable and coverage has already can not adapt to the need of actual network environment, enables you to breakthrough the limitations of traditional Ethernet network, the transmission distance is no longer restricted by 100 meters.Can achieve 10/100 base - TX twisted-pair and 100 base - FX data communications between cable, can not only extend the transmission distance, but also has good isolation protection, data confidentiality, stable operation, easy maintenance, and many other advantages, thus effectively avoiding the bad environment of lightning, surge and electromagnetic interference on the threat of communication equipment, can be reliably work in dangerous environment.


Product Feature

1、IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3 u x, z IEEE802.3 standard

2、Support Auto - Negotiation technique, automatically detect the network speed, full/half duplex mode

3、Electricity 10 /100M adaptive mouth, with MDI - II and MDI - X automatic identification function

4、The 12 ~ 36 VDC power input elasticity and polarity identification

Communication indicators
standard Comply with IEEE802.3 10 base-t, 100 base-t, 100 base - F standards
Electrical signal mouth R+、R-、T+、T-、GND
The optical signal IN、OUT
Electric rate of mouth 10/100 MBPS rate adaptive
Light mouth rate 1000Mbps
Way to work Asynchronous work, point-to-point, adaptive support full/half duplex
Electric transmission distance 100M
The light transmission distance 2 km (multi-mode), 25/40 25/40 / km (single- mode)
Electric cable mouth UTP 5 e class
Light mouth cable Multimode fiber: 50/125, 62.5/125, mu m, single-mode fiber: 8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125 or 8.7/125 microns
Light mouth wavelength 1310 nm (2 km, 25 km, 40 km), 1550 nm (100 km), 1310 nm (2 km) multimode
The electricity fitting RJ45 seat
The light fitting SC, ST, or FC
Environmental indicators
Working power supply -20℃-70℃
humidity Relative humidity of 5% 95%
The power indicator
The input power 24 VDC power input (12 VDC ~ 36 VDC, three terminals)
Power consumption 4W
Appearance of size Length x width x height:104mm×79mm×38mm