8-Port 10-100M Fast Industrial Ethernet Switches
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The ATC405/ATC408 are standalone 5/8port manged Ethernet switches and operates in store and forward mode. ATC405/ATC408 have a lot of rich feature for different  application,include router application,firewall, IEEE 802.1Q, IGMP snooping, policybased QoS. It provides powerful QoS function,include traffic policy, traffic meter, and flexible queue scheduling (WRR/WFQ/SP). In virtual LAN, IP175DLF support portbased VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q tagtagged VLAN (up  to 16VLAN groups).With the broadcast storm protection function support ATC-408 increase the reliability and availability of your industrial Ethernet network.Models with an wide operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C are also available, and the switches support advanced management and security features, making the ATC405 switches suitable for any harsh industrial Environment. ATC-408 series switches can be installed easily via DIN-Rail or in a distribution box.

  • IGMP snooping and GMRP for filtering multicast traffic
  • Port-based VLAN,IEEE 802.1Q VLAN,and GVRP to ease network planning
  • QoS and TOS,WRR/WFQ/SP to increase determinism
  • Layer2-4 Multi-Field classifier

                  Support 8-MultiField entry

                  Support traffic policy

                  Support Multi-Filed filter

                 Support copy to mirror port

                 Support trap to CPU por

  • Support Port mirror
  • Support auto-polarity for 10Mbps
  • Support 16 VLAN (IEEE Std.1q)

                Support/lndependent VLAN leaming

                Support insert,remove tag

                Supprt VLAN priority remarking

  • Support STP,RSTP and MSTP
  • Support port-based access control
  • Support rate control

       ln/Out port rate control

       Traffic Policy



Our products are widely used in electric power, industrial control, telecommunications, commerce,banking, insurance, security, smart cards and other industries, the company sold products, complete, cost-effective, timely and thoughtful service. ATC-408 is aneight-managed industrial Ethernet switches, it has10Base-T and 100Vase-TX Ethernet, full / half duplexmode, eight Ethernet ports MDI / MDI-X adaptiveconnection, products for small businesses, security systems, bank management, and so on. . .


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