Industrial TTL Interface1-Serial Port Embedded Module
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ATC-2000M is a universal serial device server that can make your industrial serial devices, such as, PLCs, flow meters, gas meters,CNC machines, and biometric identification card readers to be monitored from network. Support web management & firmware upgrade. PPPoE&DDNS protocol makes the user connect to Internet without static IP.Event.alarm trigger supported using e-mail & SMS (Short Message Service)to do.the real time management for your system.


1、TTL interface embedded module 1 - serial port

2、Standard serial TTL interface, directly inserted into the line array 300 30.4 KBPS double baud rate

3、Provide RS - 485 conversion, the automatic control of data

4、10/100 m Ethernet, automatic detection straight/crossover cable

5、supports TCP/IP protocol ,UDP,DHCP,DNSprotocol,dynamic

6、Single + 5 V power supply

7、Compact size: 65 * 27 * 10 mm

hardware CPU 16 bit CPU, 100MHz           
Memory 256 KB ROM & 768KB SDRAM 
Watch Dog Support watch Dog, system never halt 
I/O supprt With 3 input & 2 output GPIO
Electrical interface Ethemet 10/100Base-T,half/full duplex 
Serial TTL
NO.of serial Port 1
Signals TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, GND
Baud rate 1200 bps ~230.4Kbps 
set Parity Check None, even, odd, Mark, Space 
Data bits 5,6,7,8,
Stop bits 1,2
Flow Control RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF
Support the operating system

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows95/988E, Linux, UNIX

Operating mode Support TCP/UDP Server/Client mode
User name & password protected for web management

Built-in Http server for set up and remotemanagement via any browser easily

Support backup & restore system configuration data

Support alarm system via SMS (Short MessageService) to mobile phone or e-mail to PC

Support I/O control to integrate with other system

The power and environmental conditions

power source specification

DC 5V ,300mA
Working temperature 0~55℃
The working environment humidity 5~95%RH
Storage temperature -20~58℃
volume  26*65*7mm
electromagnetic wave Ethemet port 1.5KV
certification FCC,CE



Our products are widely used in electric power, industrial control, telecommunications, commerce, banking, insurance, security, smart cards and other industries, the company sold products, complete, cost-effective, timely and thoughtful service. ATC-2000M is a 10M / 100M serial networking conversion module


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