USB To Single Port RS-232 Converter

This device provides a simple and easy way to connect Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Serial port interface. With the advantage of USB port, users have the capability to utilize the peripheral with serial port interface in an easy to use environment such as plug and play & hot swap function. This adapter is designed for ideal connections to Cellular Phone, Digital Camera, Modems or ISDN terminal adapter with over 1Mbps data transfer rate.

The USB-high Speed Serial Converter and software drivers are capable of providing a no-firmware-change feature that enable USB interface to be transparent to serial port peripherals with minimum modifications.

1 USB to RS232 Converter

2 Compatible with USB1.1,2.0 highest speed can reach 12 Mbps

3 Supports remote wake up and power supply management

4 Supports hot plug and PnP,Need no I/O location and IRQ setting, friendly UI

5 Supports RS-232 handshake protocol, support full duplex data operating mode

6 RS-232 serial port transmission speed maximum 460.8Kbps

7 RS-232 serial port TXD,RXD offer 600W lightning strike & surge protection power on each line.

USB Interface
USBCompliance USB 1.0/1.1 compliant, USB 2.0 compatible
Connector USB type A
Speed 12 Mbps (Full-Speed USB) 
Serial Interface 
RS-232 full handshake line 
Connectors DB9 male
Serial Line Protection   
ESD Protection: 15 KV embedded for handshake line.600W surge protect for TXD,RXD signal Performance 
Baudrate 50 bps to 460.8Kbps 
Serial Communication Parameters 
Data Bits 5,6,7,8
Stop Bits 1,1.5,2
Parity None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark 
Flow Control RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF 
I/O Address Assigned by BIOS
IRQ Assigned by BIOS
FIFO 64 bytes 
Serial Signals
Driver Support
Operating Systems Windows (2000, XP x86/x64, 2003 x86/x64,Vista x86/x64), WinCE 6.0, Linux 2.6 x86/x64 
Physical Characteristics 
Housing ABS+PC
Dimensions 60 x 35 x 17mm (The USB Cable length is 1000mm) 
Weight 100g
Environmental Limits
Operating Temperature -20 to 70℃ 
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% RH 
Storage Temperature -20 to 70℃

Company products are widely used with the electric power, industrial control, telecommunications, commerce, banking, insurance, security, smart CARDS, and other industries, production and sales of the products of the company, supporting complete, cost-effective, timely and thoughtful service.ATC - 810 is a USB transfer RS - 232 interface converter, 600 w surge protector, protect the equipment from lightning.Products are widely used in the attendance, entrance guard, selling rice, monitor, car park management, and other fields.Good product not only implement different signal transformation, communication, also let your computer extend the serial port resources.

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